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Jumping Over Petals

Posted on | October 15, 2016 | Comments Off

It was a bright, clear spring day, and the bees were buzzing, While momma told me to stay away from the flowers Harrogate blooming in her garden; I couldn’t resist to flounder innocently among the colorful petals. As I entered the “no fly zone”, a subtle, quiet hum filled my ears. Little did I know that in a few seconds that hum would be the warning signal to drop everything and run. The glorious colorful garden attracted the honey bees for our apple farm, and that buzz was coming from 200 bees or so. It only took one sniff of my curious nose to understand the imminent danger I poised. As soon as my nose touch the sweet center of the purple petals, a sharp stinging sensation jabbed deep into my nose. Jolted by the pain, I hurdled over the gate, ran to momma, and exclaimed “the petals are under attack!”


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